No Country For Old Trends: Yerba Buena Review

Yerba Buena

No Country For Old Trends: Yerba Buena Review

Birthday Dessert – Tres Leche Cake

No Country For Old Trends: Yerba Buena Review

No Country For Old Trends: Yerba Buena Review

Chicharron de Calamar

No Country For Old Trends: Yerba Buena Review

Pisco Sour & Pisco Punch

No Country For Old Trends: Yerba Buena Review

Pisco Punch

No Country For Old Trends: Yerba Buena Review

No Country For Old Trends: Yerba Buena Review

Arroz con Pollo

I visited Yerba Buena for my birthday after reading a list of places to celebrate your birthday in NYC. On Yelp, there was such positive amazing reviews! I was definitely disappointed. Let this be a warning to you! I hate when Yelp steers me wrong! 👊🏾

About Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena’s atmosphere is definitely very loud and quite small. I didn’t appreciate the tables being so close to one another and I having to scream to my date, but that’s pretty common in the city. Moreover, the staff are very attentive! The manager walks around asking if everything is okay and the waiters are always standing nearby if you need to call upon them. Lastly, I would say every single table was celebrating a birthday. I didn’t even want to hear them sing happy birthday when my turn came around. Nor did I ask for a birthday dessert, but I’m sure at this point they could tell I wasn’t happy.

About the Food

◊ Pisco Punch: Like.

My Pisco Punch tasted similar to the one offered at Pio Pio. It was sweet and tasted just like drinking candy! I would say Pio Pio still wins with the better Pisco Punch – more of a liquor kick.

◊ Pisco Sour: Like.

Tastes like the Pisco Punch, but stronger! Can definitely taste the liquor more.

◊ Chicharron de Calamar: Like/Dislike.

Blue Cornmeal Crusted Calamari with plantain and tamarind sauce. The calamari was just alright and isn’t actually burnt despite its appearance. It definitely tastes like corn chips, but I wish it had more flavor. It was pretty bland corn chips. The plantain was also sweet and soft – a plus! But only 2 pieces of plantain a plate? Boo.  The only great thing was the tamarind sauce they drizzle on top. My date and I definitely asked for more sauce to dip our bland-ish calamari, making it more edible.

◊ Arroz con Pollo: Dislike.

Bland is a common feeling about Yerba Buena’s dishes. The guacamole topping on this dish is great & yummy! They should definitely put more on the plate, but the chicken and rice was just bland and basic. Nothing special about the flavor. I didn’t even really taste much flavor from the chicken. My date and I agree it wasn’t the greatest, but again edible.

◊ Birthday Dessert/Tres Leche: Hate.

By this time in the date, I was ready to pay my bill and get out of there! However, the staff still decided to surprise me with a sparkler dessert. I received a tres leche cake and it was disgusting. I just hate wet cake, but we didn’t want to offend the chef/staff who said it was complimentary. Boyfriend and I grit our teeth and ate it. Other tables received a chocolate cake! Maybe they ran out by the time they got to my table with all the birthdays in the place.

I rather had not got a birthday dessert at all.

After writing this review, I realize I don’t care for Yerba Buena. I would not strongly recommend this restaurant!

◊ See what I wore on my birthday!

♥ Do you have a different experience with Yerba Buena? Comment below!

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