No Country For Old Trends: Why You Should Wear Wigs Too

Why You Should Wear Wigs Too

No Country For Old Trends: Why You Should Wear Wigs Too

Why I Wear Wigs

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before:

“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” – CoCo Chanel

I’m also sure we all understand its’ meaning. Scissors + hair = freeing yourself of dead weight, starting anew, changing your image, becoming a new you, yadda yadda. So yeah, cutting your hair may be good n’ all for some folks…

BUT as a black woman AND as a fellow “struggle bus” member of the natural hair community, I say “hell no”.

Hell no, am I cutting off these precious locks that I’ve cultivated and harvested for three years with my blood, sweat, and tears (’cause it IS that serious) just to feel like a new me! Well, at least not yet am I cutting this hair! You have the wrong one, sir/ma’am.

And so here I am, to say to you,

“Hi, I’m Jaleesa and I’m a wig-aholic”.

Before starting nocountryforoldtrends IG, my previous account featured pictures of myself wearing a new wig like clockwork. I was able to change my hairstyle so often because I am a proud, little scrooge who ordered then and STILL order now ONLY synthetic wigs.

Synthetic wigs and weave may get a bad rep within the hair community. But my synthetic babies are exactly what my self-diagnosed ADD personality needs. As soon as I crave a different persona, there’s a cheap synthetic wig that’ll last a few weeks up until a month or two to rescue me from my style rut, to make me a new person.

Why You Should Wear Wigs Too

Want sleek & sophisticated? Want wild & crazy? Want to be a Jamaican Dancehall Queen? There’s a wig that’ll do the trick! And yes, stay tuned for my post on my “Jamaican Dancehall Queen Wig”. That’s coming very soon.

So here’s the Top 3 Reasons You Should Wear Wigs: 

  1. If you’re not ready to chop off your locks
  2. If you’re looking for a change in hairstyle/persona
  3. If you also suffer from self-diagnosed ADD

Are you convinced? Ready to be a wig-aholic? Already a wig-aholic?

Check out Beauty for your next hairstyle or wig!

& Comment below!

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