No Country For Old Trends | Thrifting Tips 101 Part 1

Thrifting Tips 101 (Part 1)

No Country For Old Trends | Thrifting Tips 101

No Country For Old Trends | November Clothing Haul

Hey readers! If you’re hesitant about thrifting, never find anything in the thrift store, or wonder how I’m able to find so many great items, I’m spilling the tea. This is the video you need!

(1) I discuss where and how to shop at a thrift store.

(2) I go through my favorite sections of the thrift store, what trends you would find, and what you should always buy.

And (3) I suggest other “cheap” establishments to shop for the best deal – the 99 cent store, flea markets, street vendors, and more.

So if you’d like some thrifting/cheap shopping tips! Here’s Part 1! Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 2!

Check out my November Clothing Haul if you haven’t already! I’m so happy that you guys seem to like it!

Until next time!

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