No Country For Old Trends | Style Swap With Short and Tailor!

Style Swap With Short and Tailor!

Welcome to the Short and Tailor-No Country For Old Trends Style Swap!

Nyla of Short and Tailor is taking over NC4OT!  Read more of our style swap below!

A few weeks back, I told my readers to run (not walk!) and follow Jaleesa’s blog. Her Instagram feed is a party for my eyes, her DIY and tutorial videos will have you looking A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, and her style is LIT. She really has inspired me to step outside my style box, so I reached out to her for a little blogger collaboration this week. We are doing a Slay-ful Style Swap for you guys. I’m a big advocate of taking calculated style risks. There’s no better way to do that than by finding someone you admire, and using their look to inspire you to try something different. As a body-positive, plus-size blogger, I really try to empower my readers to develop a personal style that celebrates who you are. I have been curating a “Growth Mindset Style Guide” that emphasizes speaking positively about yourself, your body, and your style. Click the link to find out more, but to put it briefly – thinking about your style in terms of what you CAN pull off instead of what you can’t, can do wonders for your personal style. Take a moment to check out how my style swap with Jaleesa has given me the confidence to play with color!

I actually had to buy something for this swap. I literally only wear black, gray, or denim; and as a result, my wardrobe is now color deficient. I snagged this awesome off-the-shoulder, graffiti top from SheIn.
No Country For Old Trends | Style Swap With Short and Tailor!
No Country For Old Trends | Style Swap With Short and Tailor!It reminded me of Jaleesa’s graphic body-suit from her “9 Extraordinary Fashion Staples for a Better Outfit” post. I had to wait almost two-weeks for this beauty (the down-side of ordering internationally), but it was worth it. A statement top is so great for looking put together even if you’re not.
No Country For Old Trends | Style Swap With Short and Tailor!Jaleesa’s accessory game is top-notch, and I sometimes have trouble remembering to accessorize. This collab gave me a chance to play around with some cute additions to my outfit. Flower crowns were hot this year, and this one is helping me hold on to the last few days of #summer16. I am keeping it casual with some comfy bike shorts and these hot-pink crocs. At this point, I think I’ve gone pretty Kawaii (a style that uses bright colors and characters to create an adorable image), but I am going to roll with it.
No Country For Old Trends | Style Swap With Short and Tailor!My new Zenni Optical frames and donut-themed clutch complete the look. I am swimming in pink for this look, and even though it’s not my go-to look – I am loving these colors. It has this broody little KWEEN feeling a little more lively. I often feel safer in dark colors, which has a lot to do with disguising my body rather than celebrating it.
No Country For Old Trends | Style Swap With Short and Tailor!Luckily, this style swap has me thinking more about having fun with my style rather than using it to camouflage what I think is flawed. Head on over to my blog, to see how I inspired Jaleesa! And tell us whose style inspires you to try something new!

Outfit Details:

Pink Painting Print Off The Shoulder Blouse – SheIn
Bike Shorts: (Old) Similar Here 
Floral Crown: (In Store) Forever 21
Donut Be Sad Clutch: (In Store) Forever 21
Glasses: Zenni Optical

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