No Country For Old Trends | Plaid Shirt & Plaid Skirt

Quitting & Resetting ft. Holiday Look

No Country For Old Trends | Plaid Shirt & Plaid Skirt

No Country For Old Trends | Plaid Shirt & Plaid Skirt

No Country For Old Trends | Plaid Shirt & Plaid Skirt

Plaid Shirt (Thrifted) (similar)| SheIn Plaid Skirt | Marshalls Heels

Necklace (Thrifted) | Romwe Lips Purse

Man, you wouldn’t believe the disrespect the weather and my camera showed me during this photoshoot. If it wasn’t hard enough to achieve proper lighting, it’s winter in NYC meaning that it’s not only brick AF outside, but it’s also windy. My hair would not stop blowing around and in my face! And I had to smile through the cold without a coat. Because I figured it was more important for you guys to see the ‘fit, not me wrapped up in a scarf and a huge fur.


Even more, my camera kept taking poorly lit photos and I could not understand why! Resetting my camera settings definitely solved the problem, but of course, I didn’t think to reset until after the shoot. So I’m stuck with the photos you see here.

There’s going to be days when what you think is going to be an amazing outfit turns out to be less than. There’s going to be days when nothing is going your way. Don’t let those days get you down.

No Country For Old Trends | Plaid Shirt & Plaid Skirt

I’ve mentioned this plenty of times, but whenever I get frustrated with working on #NC4OT, I always think quit. If a post is less than perfect, if a shoot doesn’t go according to plan, if I can’t figure out how to edit my video, my first thought: quit. That’s just the way my pessimism and self doubt is set up. I rather quit than to find a solution. And I rather quit first than to say “I failed“. It’s a horrible mentality to have, I know. Quitting is just a cop out for hard work and perseverance.

But being that I’m slightly OCD, I just always want everything to go smoothly. And I’ll quit a plan if it doesn’t go the way I want. I’m realizing RIGHT NOW (as I type) that God is going to consistently show me that it ain’t always what I want! He’s trying to instill in me resilience. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but I know He wants me to build some mental toughness, to stop curling up in the fetal position whenever I’m upset or when I feel less than perfect. He wants me to believe in myself and stop beating myself. And more importantly, I have to face my challenges head on instead of backing away out of fear.

No Country For Old Trends | Plaid Shirt & Plaid Skirt

Just like a camera, sometimes you just need to reset your thinking. Reset your approach to challenges. Smile and brave through the cold. Without a coat. Without a safety net.

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No Country For Old Trends | Plaid Shirt & Plaid Skirt

Before the year ends and going into the new year, I’m resetting my mental toughness. Not letting too many things get to me. And not quitting “when the going gets tough”. I’m braving through the cold. Fight back ‘ma.

No Country For Old Trends | Plaid Shirt & Plaid Skirt

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4 thoughts on “Quitting & Resetting ft. Holiday Look

  1. Omg I was just talking about this this morning. Last night I was laying in bed crying thinking about how I need to get over this! The pictures are still the bomb just so you know. You look amazing as always.

    1. Girllllll right?! I always get in my feelings at night! It wasn’t until I sat down and started writing that I realized there’s always a bigger lesson! Smh! I’m glad you can relate Latoya! Don’t be too hard on yourself! Just keep blogging!! Thank you so much for reading babe!

  2. I know the feeling girl. I work almost full time during the week and my job can get pretty stressful at times. So to come home and want to work on blog, when my pictures look blurry or I have to edit them is a STRUGGLE!! But mattieologie (fellow blogger) stated “blog thru it” when things just go from bad to worse and I refer back to that saying all the time to keep going. By the way your pictures look amazing!!

    1. Exactly! You have to bloggg through it! I was so upset with the quality of these photos, but you think they look amazing! Thank you for the compliment by the way, but it just goes to show that sometimes we need to take a step back and stop being so overly-critical of ourselves and our work. Just because it’s not up to our standards doesn’t mean everyone else will hate it too. Thank you for sharing and reading Janel! I appreciate you boo!

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