No Country For Old Trends: Outre 3C-Whirly

Outre 3C-Whirly

No Country For Old Trends: Outre 3C-Whirly

No Country For Old Trends: Outre 3C-Whirly

No Country For Old Trends: Outre 3C-Whirly

No Country For Old Trends: Outre 3C-Whirly

No Country For Old Trends: Outre 3C-Whirly

No Country For Old Trends: Outre 3C-Whirly

Outre Synthetic Quick Weave 3C-Whirly | Color: 1B | Outfit

Today’s featured wig is Outre Synthetic Quick Weave 3C-Whirly. And I’m thinking she’s going to be my new go-to!

I love that Whirly’s big, defined, and resembles my natural hair pattern!

Who doesn’t love a curly wig?! Whirly supplies the length and thickness many of us desire without the 10 year wait! Okay 10 years may be a slight exaggeration, but who knows when my or your hair will ever look like this! And if your hair already looks like Whirly, I hate you in the nicest way possible.

But is she really a 3C?

I always considered this pattern and my pattern to be 4A. What do you think?

Does anyone really care about this curl pattern/hair typing system?

Let me know in the comment section!

Anyways, as I’ve only worn her a couple of times now, I do need a little more time to see whether she tangles easily and her durability. However, I can say that I noticed shedding when I finger combed her to achieve more fullness. Even saw a tiny hair tumbleweed on my floor! I’m going to consider that a random fluke/initial shedding and not judge Whirly too harshly because so far, she is exactly what I want for spring & summer.

Quick Suggestion:

Purchase Whirly-Quick Weave (half wig) rather than Whirly-Lace Front.

Why? Three Reasons:

1. Affordability

Whirly-Quick Weave is A LOT cheaper than Whirly-Lace Front. CHEAP – and I mean under $20 – should persuade you enough. But if not, read on…

2. More Realistic Results

Leaving some of your own hair out in the front to blend with Whirly will make her look more realistic and fool more people into thinking she’s your own hair. (Yeah you know she’s yours ’cause you bought her, but you know what I mean). Whirly-Quick Weave allows a better way to achieve realistic results than Whirly-Lace Front.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Based on YouTube reviews, those who bought Whirly-Quick Weave seem more pleased with her style straight out of the package and found her easier to manipulate than those who bought Whirly-Lace Front.

◊ Tip: She sells out fast! Get your hands on her when you can! Check elevatestyles or wigtypes – my two favorites!

◊ Tip: Blend your hair with Whirly by twisting/flat twisting. Use gel & twist, if necessary.

So, what do you think? Would you rock her? Questions? Leave a comment below!

See this outfit in How to Style a Graphic T-shirt! & Stay tuned for an update on 3C-Whirly!

Outre Synthetic Half Wig Quick Weave Big Beautiful Hair 3C-Whirly (1B)

List Price: $21.16 USD
New From: $20.94 USD In Stock

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