No Country For Old Trends | NC4OT Interview with The8App

NC4OT Interview with The8App

No Country For Old Trends | NC4OT Interview with The8App

Q+A Interview with The8App’s “Style Feed”

by The8App

Hi readers! I’m back with more good news! I’ve joined the 8 movement! NC4OT has been featured again by new social media app, The8App!

If you’ve never heard of the app, I don’t blame you. I had never heard of it either! After downloading and browsing, I’m still not sure how to explain this app! It’s almost like a combination of Instagram and Snapchat, but their feeds even remind me of Buzzfeed! There are featured categories in comedy, travel, food, pop, pets, and style (the feed I’m featured on) to name a few.

Yes! I’m on their “Style Feed” with a 5 Q+A interview.

On The8App, you can post pictures, videos, and create stories to share on your profile. There’s even a “Notes” feature so that you can type a quick note and post it on your profile. The8App is cool and super unique, but I’m still getting the hang of it! If you’re really into social media and the latest apps, download The8App! It’s completely FREE.

You can follow me on The8App @NC4OT! 

Below is a preview of my interview with The 8! Again, download the app/click the link to read more!

The8 Interview Preview 2

Check out that DIY I mentioned!

Thank you to The8App for the feature!

Until next time!

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