No Country For Old Trends: Geo Tri Color Green

My Go-To Contacts: Geo Tri Color Green

No Country For Old Trends: My Go-To Contacts: Geo Tri Color Green

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No Country For Old Trends: Outre 3C-Whirly

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No Country For Old Trends: My Go-To Contacts: Geo Tri Color Green

Geo Tri Color Green | Diameter: 14. 2 mm | Longevity: 1 Year

Who said your eyes can’t be your best accessory?

I consider my eyes just as much an accessory as my hair and jewelry. I’ve personally been a fan of colored contact lenses since my senior year of high school. During my college years, most people didn’t realize I had been wearing contact lenses the entire time! Back then, my style of choice was FreshLook ColorBlends Honey contact lenses. Pretty safe choice for a black girl; hazel/honey eyes aren’t that uncommon for our race.

But now I’ve moved on to something new: “that shmoney green“.

About PinkyParadise

I now purchase all my contact lenses from PinkyParadise, an overseas vendor. Unlike 1-800 contacts, on PinkyParadise, you’re able to buy contact lenses your proper prescription without a doctor’s approval.

Even more, most of their featured lenses lasts an ENTIRE year!

I know I should visit the eye doctor every year, but laziness is my excuse. My eyes have remained the same crappy prescription for years, why go into the doctor’s office to relearn that? Okay, there’s obviously other reasons, but I don’t want to go! I’ll just continue to purchase whatever colored contacts I need on my own.

◊ Tip: Since this vendor is located overseas, unless you expedite your shipping, your contact lenses may take up to a month or longer to arrive. Plan ahead accordingly!

About Geo Tri Color Green

My Geo Tri Color Green lenses are my go-to pair!

Color Pay-Off

Geo Tri Color Green obviously features three different shades of green. They are pretty green against my VERY DARK brown eyes, which makes me happy!


They only cost $20.90/pair. To spend only $20 per year on contact lenses compared to $40-$60 for a box of three biweekly pairs from the eye doctor, that’s STEALING. You’ve just committed a robbery lol.


Geo Tri Color Green is also super comfortable to wear, comparable to Acuvue contact lenses. It’s hard to believe this pair would last a year given the soft, flexible material. I believe yearly lenses are usually of a harder, thicker material. Even more, I’ve never had an issue with Geo Tri Color Green irritating my eyes AND after owning this same pair for 6 MONTHS, it hasn’t torn yet!


These contacts are SUPER realistic! Most people do assume that my eyes are naturally green. They tend to intrigue strangers when I wear green and/or my ombre green wig, Yani. So if you don’t mind strangers gazing deeply into your eyes, this is a plus.


My current pair of Geo Tri Color Green have an expiration date of 2019. But do understand that they will only last an ENTIRE year AFTER breaking the seal! Contact lenses that lasts a whole year is still a DEFINITE plus! And a longer expiration date means you don’t necessarily have to wear this pair in 2016. You can start in 2017 or 2018 if you want.

♥ Do you throw out your contact lenses after two weeks? Comment below!

‘Cause I sure don’t! 😂

Overall, I would highly recommend Geo Tri Color Green! Not only are they cheap and realistic, but they give the right color pay-off for dark brown eyes! I already have a spare in case it ever does rip/when the year is up.

◊ Tip: If you don’t need prescription glasses/contacts, you can still join in on the fun! Just enter 0.00 for each eye on PinkyParadise and you’ll still stunt!

♥ So, do you wear colored contact lenses? If so, what’s your favorite pair?

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