No Country For Old Trends: Kanekalon Ombre Pigtails

Kanekalon Ombre Pigtails

No Country For Old Trends: Kanekalon Ombre Pigtails

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African Collection Color Braid | Color: T1B/Lavender | Outfits 1 & 2

Hey there readers! If you’ve known me for a while, you’d remember I sported ombre gray braids before it was even a trend! I had to guide my hair stylist on how to make the effect with all black and all gray extensions; it was a real task. Check out pics below!

So I’m glad kanekalon now comes in an ombre effect! If you were curious how I achieved this look, you’ve landed in the right place. It’s far from complicated so this post may be unnecessary, but in case you need a bit of explanation, here we go.

I purchased this ombre hair from my local beauty supply store for $3.99/pack. The link I’ve provided lists the same price, but there’s probably a shipping fee as well. Check out a beauty supply store if you can!

Now to achieve this look…

You want to start off with stretched or blowdried hair! This texture better matches the texture of the kanekalon AND it’s easier to hold both your natural hair & kanekalon hair to braid.

◊ Tip: If you don’t wish to stretch or blowdry, you can always use marley hair to better match your natural curl pattern. However, few marley hair comes in this ombre style! Check out the gallery below to see an example done with marley hair.

I bought two packs of this hair! Splitting one pack for both pigtails definitely isn’t enough for my thick hair, especially since this package of ombre hair is thinner than the usual pack of kanekalon! I needed 1 pack for each pigtail. ◊ Tip: If you have thick hair, you’re going to need two packs!

Moreover, ◊ Tip: I would assume that this style should be easier the shorter and thinner your natural hair is! For obvious reasons, it’s a bit harder to wrestle thick, long natural hair with thin & soft kanekalon hair.

I parted my hair in half, slicked my hair down with Eco Styler gel and a brush, and placed each half into a ponytail. After, I proceeded to blow-dry only my ends because my hair was just too thick in its natural state to braid! Always remember to use heat protectant! ◊ Tip: If I had stretched my hair prior, blowdrying would have been unnecessary.

Then, I just braided. YouTube tutorials teach you to braid with kanekalon hair! Literally, there are TONS of videos where you can see how to braid with kanekalon extensions! This isn’t easy to explain in words, but better with a visual. Search “box braids tutorial” for help!

Place a small rubberband to hold the ends. Trim any stray strands in the braid to make the style more neat. Even gel the braid if you must. ◊ Tip: Be careful to avoid your own hair with the gel! Your hair may revert/curl back up. And voila! That’s it!

This style gets easier each time I do it! And ◊ FYI: It only lasts me one week before it needs to be re-braided, but I do have fuzzy natural hair. Your experience may be different.

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Until next time!

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