No Country For Old Trends: Freetress Hailey

Freetress Hailey

No Country For Old Trends: Freetress Hailey

No Country For Old Trends: Freetress Hailey

No Country For Old Trends: Freetress Hailey

No Country For Old Trends: Freetress Hailey

Freetress Equal Synthetic Wig Hailey | Color: Lilac | Nicka K Vivid Matte Lipstick: NMS 18 | Outfit

The Brighter, The Better!? Pink “Dancehall Queen Wig”

Hailey might not be everyone’s first choice of hairstyle, but she sure is mine! I first came across Hailey while searching my usual wig websites for something unique and daring, NYE-worthy hair. Hailey looked like she would satisfy that need. She was fun, bright, and of course, Rihanna-inspired. And a motto we should all live by is:

“If Rihanna would wear it, so should I”.

For reasons we don’t need to get into, I didn’t wear Hailey on NYE 2016, but I knew she would be amazing some other day. So I kept her in wait.

I won’t lie. I was initially nervous to purchase such a brightly colored wig. “If I’m not as fair skinned as Rihanna, can I even pull it off?” I didn’t know for sure. But I reasoned “$15 won’t break the bank. Maybe I’ll wear her for Halloween”. I took the risk and I’m so happy I did.

Note: Though the color is lilac, Hailey appears more pinky-purple out of the package and against my skin tone.

Why Buy Hailey?

Variety of Colors

She comes in many different funky colors! And respectable colors, too, but I definitely have my eye on another bold color to try!


Super minimal shedding! I only found one strand after brushing her with a soft bristle brush.


Short wigs/Pixie wigs tend to last A LOT longer than wigs of a longer length (shoulder-length & beyond). Because they do not rub against your skin or clothing, they are less likely to tangle and become matted around the nape area.


Spring and summer weather is on the way! Perfect to go wild and be bold, but also to wear less. Some of us may feel hot when wearing a “big hair” wig. With Hailey, you won’t boil to death in layers of hair.

◊ Tip: Use pink eye shadow OR pink temporary color hair spray from your local beauty supply store to blend any edges or sideburns that peak through the wig. However, if you hair underneath the wig is braided flat, sideburns may not be a problem.

◊ Tip: If you would like Hailey or any other brightly colored wig, but worry she might be too bright, check out my solution/tip in Spring Sweater Dress!

I can’t wait to wear Freetress Hailey again!

See this outfit and how I styled Hailey in Spring Sweater Dress!

♥ So, would you wear Hailey? Any questions? Comment below!

FreeTress Equal Synthetic Hair Wig – HAILEY (PETALPINK)

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