No Country For Old Trends: Everyday People NYC's Ting & Ting

Everyday People NYC’S Ting & Ting (2016)

Ting & Ting

Look at this view!
Look at this view!

Today I just thought I’d share some photos with you from an event I attended yesterday – Everyday People NYC’s “Ting & Ting” at La Marina, Dyckman. It’s an event that happens every year, and next year you’re going to want to be there! Because I reside in Brooklyn, traveling to Dyckman was an hour & 15 min train ride, but a journey well worth it!

Ting & Ting was a huge beach party without the actual “beach” – more like sand and the Hudson River. The vibes were amazing – great music (Hip Hop, R&B, Caribbean), good food, and great energy! I mean, you can feel bursts of¬†creativity in the crowd. And with all that black girl magic in one setting, you can’t help but feel inspired!

I loved looking at everyone’s outfits! Everyone really dressed to impress beach style. Next time I attend a similar event, I’ll ask and share pics of the most stylish people in the crowd! Hopefully, I’ll attend more cool events like this all summer!

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