No Country For Old Trends | Day Three: LA Sightseeing

Day Three: LA Sightseeing

No Country For Old Trends | Day Three: LA Sightseeing

No Country For Old Trends | Day Three: LA Sightseeing



Tropical Dress | T. J. Maxx “Blowfish” Wedges | GiGi New York Clutch (similar)

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I’ve visited LA a couple of times before, but always during a layover. During those times, I’d usually venture outside to see some sights before catching my next flight, but this time around, I wanted to devote some time to seeing all the crazy tourist attractions I usually see all over my Instagram! You can follow me on Instagram here, by the way! LA, you’re beautiful. Pricy, but beautiful.

So, on our last day, we visited the famous light fixtures at LACMA, ate Mexican food, walked along the Hollywood Walk of Fame/”Chinatown“, and made a trip to Malibu Beach. Thankfully, the light fixture at LACMA is accessible to the public, so you won’t have to pay $15 for admission! You WILL, however, have to dodge all the people trying to get an Instagram-worthy photo with the lights! The Mexican restaurant we went to, Wahoo’s Fish Taco, is within walking distance of LACMA! I’m not sure if you can go wrong eating Mexican food anywhere in California! Cali is THEE place for Mexican cuisine! Our quesadillas were really good! Our Maui bowl was just decent. Afterwards, we made a trip to Hollywood. For the Hollywood Walk of Fame and the Chinese Hollywood Theater expect crowds of people equivalent to Times Square, as well as street entertainers – fake Michael Jacksons, fake superheroes, and fake Mickey and Minnie Mouse included! The Disney freak in me got super excited to see Mr. and Mrs. Mouse until I realized how poor of an imitation they were. They were just as fake and disappointing as the costumes on 42nd Street. But what else can you expect from big city street entertainment? Overall, Hollywood might be a bit of a hassle to get around, but I enjoyed looking down for stars I recognized. And from here, you can see the Hollywood sign in the far distance!

We ended our day, eating In-N-Out for dinner as a final goodbye to great burgers 😕. I actually prefer In-N-Out to Shake Shack! If NYC could go ahead and get their own In-N-Out, that’d be great…thanks boo! I mean Five Guys is still better, but it’s all about options ya know.

About the Outfit

I decided to wear a colorful dress on this last day. I’ve owned this baby for years and deem it my tropical vacation dress as it’s not something I would wear on a regular day in NYC. I think it’s more special/fancier than that! As I’ve owned it for SO MANY years, I can’t tell you where it’s from, but it’s not hard to find a colorful summer dress! They’re available at any retailer. My dress in particular has an asymmetrical hem that looks amazing blowing in the wind! My shoes and purse are the same as my previous post, Day Two: Vegas & LA. Gotta save space in that suitcase! And lastly, I threw on Hailey just to be more colorful and in your face lol. If you’re going to commit to color, really commit to it! In this outfit, I felt like a pink princess 💖

And by the way, if you only knew the amount of effort it took to get my first two featured photos, you’d applaud and laugh at me! Going up that hill IN WEDGES was NOT EASY! But I am dedicated to this life! I do this for YOU lol #bloggerstruggles

Check out more photos in the gallery below!

More footage of my LA & Vegas trip below!

Until next time!

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