No Country For Old Trends: Boozy Brunch: Poco

Boozy Brunch: Poco

No Country For Old Trends: Boozy Brunch: Poco

No Country For Old Trends: Boozy Brunch: Poco

Lobster Benedict

No Country For Old Trends: Boozy Brunch: Poco

French Toast

No Country For Old Trends: Boozy Brunch: Poco

Steak, Eggs & Cheese Sandwich

No Country For Old Trends: Boozy Brunch: Poco

All it takes is two simple words to wake me up on the weekend: Boozy Brunch.

There’s nothing like good conversation, music, food, and of course, unlimited mimosas! If you haven’t tried boozy brunching by now, you’re pretty late to the bandwagon! Jump on!

About Poco

$30 for unlimited drinks (mimosa, blood mary, or sangria) for 1.5 hours

$30 for boozy brunch is cheap by NYC standards. Especially since my previous favorite boozy brunch spot upped their price by a whole $20-something. It’s definitely time to find a new favorite.

I’ve visited Poco twice for boozy brunch – once on a Saturday and the other on a Sunday. And both times, I’ve never had to wait for a table! I admit this could honestly just be good luck since the inside of Poco shows a very busy restaurant with minimal table space and cramped seating. I just happen to catch the last table for 2 people each time. No complaints there!

Also, initially I did worry that 1.5 hours was not a long enough boozy brunch time. I’d say it’s enough time to get slightly tipsy. They were also more strict with their time limit the second time I visited. It almost felt kind of rude as other tables around us should have been kicked out A WHILE AGO – people who were already eating when we had just sat down.

Moreover, like most restaurants in NYC, Poco is also pretty loud with conversation and great music! Poco plays such great R&B and hip-hop music that I can’t help but dance in my chair while I eat. It’s like clubbin’ in the morning.

About The Food

◊ Mimosa: Like.

It was a pretty basic orange mimosa on Sunday. Though Poco does do special flavors of mimosa on Friday’s & Saturday’s! I’ve tried those and they were great! If you want to try specialty flavors, its better to go on those days!

◊ Sangria: N/A.

I didn’t taste the sangria, but according to my brunch date, the sangria was “awesome! It was sweet, but not so sweet and just the right amount of strong to get you feeling good”.

◊ French Toast: Like.

My entree on my first visit to Poco; it was just okay. Very sweet, almost too sweet for me. I also wasn’t really a big fan of the banana glaze on top either, but that’s probably because I’m not a true fan of banana-flavored anything.

◊ Bacon: Love.

Also ordered on my first visit. The side of bacon is huge! Great for sharing with a friend, but to eat alone, maybe not so much! I know I sound crazy complaining about a large quantity of bacon, but at some point shouldn’t I feel guilty about consuming that much bacon by myself  in one sitting? I’m not a health nut, but this can’t be good for my health.

◊ Lobster Benedict: Love.

This dish is great; I just wish there was more! I still felt hungry afterwards. The eggs & lobster were cooked perfectly. The crispy arepa I can probably eat all day. The potato hash on the side is tasty, though I wish it was spicier like what I make at home. And the salad does have a nice light dressing on top. From first glance, I didn’t notice any dressing and thought the salad would just be dry greens. I wouldn’t mind eating this again. Just give me more lobster!

◊ Steak, Egg & Cheese Sandwich AND Pulled Chicken Sandwich (not pictured): N/A.

Both times that I’ve visited Poco, my boozy partner has ordered 1 of the 2 sandwiches on the brunch menu. Since I haven’t tried it, I can’t give my opinion on taste. But both of my brunch dates really liked their sandwich.

About the Steak, Egg & Cheese, my friend says: “I really liked the sandwich. It was the right amount of meat, eggs, and the creamy avocado sauce. The potatoes were also really tasty. I’m not a huge salad fan, but it went well with the sandwich and potatoes”.

Overall, I’d say Poco is okay/cool. Good music, good service, good food, but not spectacular. Not a bad time for a quick boozy brunch.

 ♥ Let me know your experience with Poco below! If you decide to visit, tell me what you think!

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