No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The Ugly

9 Hacks To Hide The Ugly

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The UglyI don’t know about you, but most days I don’t wake up feeling too hot. I’m not as relaxed, angelic, or carefree as a tampon commercial. Actually I wake up like the picture to your right. With a cracking clay mask I refused to take off the night before and my scarf if not completely off my head, then slightly falling off my head.

If you wake up feeling flawless every day, kudos to you. It must be nice to be you. For the rest of us normies, it’s hard out there.

I know I should wake up every morning feeling like I’m a beautiful, black queen and whisper nothing but sweet affirmations and compliments to myself in the mirror, but it’s not every day that I have the energy to gas myself up or flirt with myself. Don’t get me wrong, practicing self love is important, but when you’re struggling with your mental health and self image, sometimes you just need to see physical manifestations of the compliments you speak. You need to see your beauty come to life.

So I’ve compiled a list of 9 hacks I use to hide my “ugly”. These simple hacks improve my mood and perception of myself on those days when I start to forget that I AM the shit, that I’m a beautiful black queen perfectly flawed.

They are in no particular order. Just take what you need.


Throwing on a pair of sunnies is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Don’t have time to do your makeup? Wake up with dark circles under your eyes? Or more bags than usual? Throw on a pair of a sunglasses. No one will see the mess underneath.

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The Ugly

I’d like to think the same goes for regular glasses too. With a 9 AM class three times a week, and an 8:30 AM once a week, I need all the sleep I can get before starting my day. Thankfully, that 8:30 AM class ended not too long ago.

Still, without a full face of makeup, I’ll admit I feel ugly in the morning. That’s when I throw on a big pair of glasses as the ultimate distraction.

Whenever my face looks puffier or fatter than usual, glasses will save the day. A pair of specs helps to minimize and slim down my round face. And the big frame distracts from any dark circles I may have that day.

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks to Hide The Ugly

Round Gold Frame Glasses

◊ Tip: Opting for a classic pair, like a simple gold frame, will also make you appear more intelligent and put together, like you have your whole life together (when in fact it’s actually bursting into flames).

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks to Hide The Ugly

◊ Tip: I would suggest if you suffer from serious dark circles, sunglasses may be more your cup of tea than regular specs.

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The Ugly

My favorite places to shop for glasses and sunglasses on the low are the 99 cent store, street vendors, and eBay. From my personal experience, 99 cent stores and street vendors always have the latest and “coolest” styles in eyewear fashion. You’ll find tinted sunglasses and anything with a unique shape, like my heart sunnies, at the 99 cent store or at a street vendor for only $5 a pair.

For your more classic pair of glasses, I would also suggest eBay or Amazon. They’ll run you about $10-$15, but money well spent! Try a pair of funky tortoise shell glasses, transparent glasses, or even cat eye glasses to add more spunk to your ‘fit. Cat eye glasses are next on my list.

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks to Hide The Ugly

Tortoise Shell Glasses

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks to Hide The Ugly

Transparent Glasses (47 mm)

Color Therapy

If I told you once, I told you twice: wearing color is my favorite way to improve my mood/perception of myself.

Most people dress to match their mood. And if you’re feeling ugly, you’re more tempted to pick out dark, dull colors. Colors that mute your individuality or blend you into the crowd.

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks to Hide The UglyIf all black is really your happy place, don’t let me stop you. But if it’s not, and you’re feeling ugly, step away from the all black uniform and shoot for something colorful in your outfit. Consider putting on at least 1 accent of color. Colors really do change your mood.

You’ve seen those memes – “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”.


Dress for the MOOD you want, not the one you have!

If you look good, you feel good.


Don’t reach for those ratted sweats! Reach for your best outfit. And while you’re at it, why not try some color therapy to improve your mood?

◊ Tip: Getting ready for a date? Red will bring out the passion in both you and your date. Anxious about that big presentation? Try wearing blue to calm you down. Or just plain old lazy? Pop of yellow will energize you. Live your life like it’s golden babe!


No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The Ugly

I learned this trick from a friend a couple of years ago. I walked into her room one day and found her wearing red lipstick and sweats. It was strange. The sweats were more like oversized, hole-y home clothes, scraps you just lay around the house in. When I asked her what was going on, she told me that she throws on lipstick whenever she wants to feel like a boss. That lipstick made her feel powerful. It motivated her to believe that she could do anything she put her mind to. It even helped her finish typing up her essay.

Whenever you feel ugly, lazy, tired, less than, try putting on a red lippie and see if it changes your outlook. I’ve been putting this tip to good use for a couple of weeks now, and it’s definitely working for me. As I mentioned in my last tip, red will make you feel passionate and bold. I feel a lot more badass in the morning, and my classmates have taken notice!

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The Ugly

My lipstick of choice – Lime Crime Red Velvet. I’ve tried countless of red lipsticks in the past and Red Velvet is the only one that really sells it for me. It suits my skin tone perfectly. Also, it’s definitely long wearing and doesn’t dry out my lips. BUT it’s not a miracle worker! If you eat anything greasy, prepare for it to fade away in the inner portions of your lips.

◊ Tip: Not a fan of liquid lipsticks? Give Mac’s Ruby Woo or Sacha Cosmetic’s “Ex In The City” a try. Ex In The City was my numero uno for a while until Lime Crime Red Velvet came for the title. Ruby Woo was just a bit too cool toned for my skin color, but it’s definitely an industry favorite and worth a try!

Pretty Underwear

Okay you’ve probably come across this tip before. Wear your sexiest/prettiest underwear and feel comforted knowing that you look amazing underneath whatever you’re wearing. Like a dirty little secret only you’re in on. Um, okay. I guess. That may work for some people. Personally? I’m more of a show-pony than a workhorse…at least when it comes to my fashion! I’ve always been a go BIG or go HOME kinda gal. Why just stop at pretty underwear?!

Shoot for those rich bitch items too!

Rich Bitch Items

There’s certain items in my closet that just make me feel like a millionaire. I call them my rich bitch items. My coat with the fur trimming, my expensive Michael Kors purse, my leather shoes, even my rings. You know real jewelry that you were gifted for birthdays, Christmas, other holidays. If I ever need to remind myself that I’m THAT bihh, I can throw on all these items at once or just one item and feel instantly glamorous. I’ll even stack my real jewelry with costume jewelry to give me that pimp daddy effect. It’s so fun; it’s like playing dress up for the day.

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The Ugly

My favorite places to shop for rings and jewelry to stack? Miss A, SheIn and Romwe. You just can’t beat such prices! Only $1 for anything you buy at Miss A and a couple of bucks for a stack of rings from SheIn or Romwe. Girl, get your life and save these coins.
No Country For Old Trends: How To Wear Monochrome: All White Affair

◊ Tip: Not into long wait times? Forever 21 and H&M sell stacks of rings for a couple of bucks as well.

◊ Tip:Don’t own any long pimp daddy fur coats? Try wearing velvet or cashmere.

Is it summertime and you’re worried about passing out in a fur?

◊ Tip: Pay attention to what fabrics still make you look rich without all the weight! Silk is a BIG one. Satin too.

Remember thrifting for these items will save you a pretty penny. If you need any thrifting help, check out my Thrifting 101 series!


My last tip also goes for expensive fragrances as well! I feel empty and bland if I leave the house without wearing perfume. And I tend to reserve certain expensive perfumes for more special occasions or whenever I need a mood boost.

Confuscious-Ludacris once said:

Watch out for the medallion my diamonds are reckless

Feels like a midget is hanging from my necklace

I pulled up with a million trucks

Looking, smelling, feeling like a million bucks-ahh!

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks to Hide The Ugly

How can you feel down when you’re “looking, smelling, feeling like a million bucks”? How, Sway??

Two wise men named OutKast once said:

 Ain’t nobody dope as me, I’m dressed so fresh so clean.

I love when you stare at me, I’m dressed so fresh so clean.

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks to Hide The Ugly

Put on your rich bitch items, smell your best, and own your dopeness. Ain’t nobody cooler than than you, fresher than you, or cleaner than you ‘ma.

You’re drippin’ glitter and swaggu.

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks to Hide The Ugly


Another one you may have already heard. But if you haven’t, I’m happy to present it to you. I’ve made it no secret that I suffer from acne and hyperpigmentation. It’s the bane of my existence. Honestly. If you wake up with a new enemy pimple, just pop a dot of eyeliner on that sucker and turn it into a beauty mark. Faux freckles? No, faux moles. Easy.

Wigs, Scarves, Hats

No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The UglyIt’s also no secret that I’m obsessed with wigs. It’s by far one of my favorite accessories. I love (love-hate) my natural hair, but the way the wind and humidity is set up, there’s no guarantee that I end my day with the same hairstyle I left my house in. My beautiful twist out may just transform into a TWA lol. And not even a cute one at that.

I can avoid a bad hair day with a wig, a scarf, a hat over a wig, a scarf over a wig, endless possibilities. I already told you how versatile the scarf was in 9 Extraordinary Fashion Staples for a Better Outfit (Being Updated! Stay Tuned!). And I’ve told you time and time again that wigs are my favorite accessories in Why You Should Wear Wigs Too and in my many wig reviews. I know that if I leave my house with a wig and a hat, I’m staying that way all day. No bad hair day for me.

Bonus points for the (1) wig & hat, (2) colored sunnies, and (3) red lippie in that selfie on your right. The perfect trifecta of ugly camouflage lol.


No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The Ugly

“Nothing’s more powerful than a woman in heels”. A good pair of heels can transform not only your body, but also your attitude. They’ll elongate your figure, and make you feel like a boss. That’s more than enough reasons to own a pair; I’m assuming you already do.

And if your day is anything like mine, your schedule requires too much running around to wear fancy stilettos. I can’t even wrap my mind around the thought of that, I’d be late to everything!

Just ’cause you can’t wear your sexiest stilettos, doesn’t mean you can’t use the extra boost. A couple of inches off the ground is just what you need to “boost” your confidence and spirits, make you feel cute and girly again. Sneakers and flats are comfortable, appropriate for every day use, but they lack “transformative” value. I don’t feel any bit more cool when I’m planted firmly on the ground with sneakers. I wanna reach for the stars in some chunky boots and fulfill my dreams of being a super tall, supermodel.

Don’t burst my bubble. Let me live. I’m waiting for elongation plastic surgery to figure itself out. In the meantime, cute & comfy heels will do. I wear my favorite pair of black boots (pictured above) to DEATH. They just go with everything and I get an extra pep in my step (and a mini workout) whenever I wear them.

◊ Tip: Grab your favorite pair of comfortable heels when you’re feeling homely and plain. The height alone will change your posture and your attitude. Stand up straight and tall ‘ma. You cute.

◊ Tip: Still too lazy to wear your best outfit? Pair your heels with your favorite sweatsuit for an unexpected stylish combo (see above & click here for outfit details).

So that’s the end of my hacks! All my little secrets are now out in the open. Try out some of these tricks yourself and see how they make you feel. And if you have any secret tips to share, let me know in the comment section! I’m always looking for new ways to get me out of a bad funk! Help a sista out!

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No Country For Old Trends | 9 Hacks To Hide The Ugly

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